50 Day Challenge Check-In – Week 9

Jen will be checking in twice per week with updates on her 50 day MuayThai challenge. Follow her posts to join Jen on her journey and cheer her on along the way!

Week 9 Wow I’m so close, only a week and a half to go! I remember when I had finished week one, this challenge seemed insurmountable. It looks a lot different now from week nine and I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and how successful I’ve been throughout my challenge. One thing I’ve learned along the way is that there are three main things we need to maintain a successful kickboxing workout: frequency, precision and intensity. Successful workout just means that the body changes and health improves but I may not have seen the same results I came for without these three components.

Just think what would happen if you left out even one of these things?

Precision and intensity without frequency – That would mean that you do a great job when you manage to get to class, but you never really go to class.  Maybe you go every day for a week, then give yourself two months off.  That’s not going to work!

Frequency and intensity without precision – You are going to class all the time, and you’re trying really hard, but you’re still not using the proper technique.  You’re working harder, not smarter.  You’re just doing whatever you feel like doing, instead of following the directions.  You think that you’re getting some really great exercise but you will not be getting the most you can from your workouts unless the exercises are done properly. So this isn’t going to work!

Frequency and precision without intensity – You’re coming all the time, (maybe even every day like a crazy 50 day challenger would) and you’re doing everything correctly, but you’re never really pushing yourself, never putting any serious oomph into it.  You’re coasting.  And that’s not going to work either!

So instead if we put all three together…

Frequency – This doesn’t mean you have to come to class every day, it means that you’ve committed yourself to coming to class every week for a certain amount of classes, and so you come regularly.  Frequency is all about consistency.

Precision – Fall in love with precision.  Get interested in it.  Try to be precise with every kick, every punch, and every combo.  All the good stuff is in the details.  Never assume that something is right just because you did it that way yesterday.  Keep listening to instruction.  Even if you’ve done 5 classes in a row, or 50 classes in a row, go into every class hoping to refine your technique in some little way.

Intensity – Change doesn’t just happen on its own; you have to make it happen. Really push yourself through those drills; you might be surprised at what your body is actually capable of if you turned you’re brain off. Yes sometimes it’s very hard to get through, sometimes we want to puke, but isn’t that why we come to class? Of course it’s not to puke, but to be pushed and to find our limits so we can exceed them? Do every class like it’s your first class in weeks and you’ve been missing it or like it’s your last class for months, and you want to squeeze every drop out of it!  Most drills are only a few minutes long, don’t let that intensity fade, we can do anything for 2 minutes.

Easier said than done, believe me I know, but that’s the idea… frequency, precision, and intensity!


  1. Hi Jen,

    This is a very insightful post, I am really proud of you for understanding the important benefits of using proper technique. Even though level 1 is a conditioning class I always try to emphasize the importance of technique. I firmly believe that if a person applies themselves and really focuses on technique they will find the workouts more interesting. I also strongly believe that if you are in a Muaythai class and you have no interest in technique you will eventually get bored and fade away. In my opinion if you are taking our level 1 classes for fitness why would you not consider learning proper technique, the world is a dark place sometimes and there are situations where you may have no choice but to protect yourself or your family.

    Thanks for the post I hope all our students read it.

    Kru Kelly

  2. Hi Jen,

    My name is Ron, and I used to be a student with Kwest and was gratefully introduced to art of muay thai by Kru Kelly about a year ago. Simply due to location and logistics, I am training with a another club, but always remembered and appreciated the discipline, support and good old fashion hard word & energy Kru Kelly and his team architected with every class.

    I was inclined to make a comment because I found your ongoing testaments to your 50 day challenge to be an excellent combination of “inspiration” and “realism”. Your last blog was an insightful description on the main characteristics needed to successfully train and practice muay thai. One can also say, these are three main ingredients that can lead to success with any challenge one pursues with passion.

    From one muay thai student to another, all the best to you and towards the completion of your goal and keep up the great work.

    Please relay my greetings, blessings and respect to Kru Kelly Westerlund and the Kwest Kickboxing Family.

    Ron Rivera
    Ultimate Muay Thai Canada

  3. Hi Ron! Thanks for posting a comment up here. Its so nice to see the response from everyone both in and out of Kwest. I’m so happy that you are enjoying keeping tabs on my progress, and took the time to post a comment back. Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement, it really means a lot.

    I completely agree that these 3 things should have a strong presence in anything we set out to do well. I’m happy to hear you are still kickboxing, hope you’re enjoying you’re new club as much as you did with Kwest! Keep training hard!


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