Welcome to Kwest

Who we are

Kelly Westerlund started Kwest in 2005, to share his love of MuayThai and fitness with others. Kelly set out to create a Muay Thai club that was different – from the start, Our focus has been on a welcoming environment, an inclusive attitude, and a gym that feels like a family. We are proud to have a dedicated team of professional, genuine, and enthusiastic staff welcoming everyone who walks through our door. Kwest is and always will be dedicated to finding the right way for you to make your fitness – and your life – better.In the end, that is the reason we are here.

Our programs

All Kwest programs are offered continuously throughout the year, with the exception of the Kids Muay Thai program, which breaks for the school summer holidays. Check our schedule to see class times, and browse our memberships to see what could work for you. We offer as much flexibility and affordability as possible.

At Kwest, every class is different. In Boot Camp, you will participate in a wide variety of cardio exercises, toning and anaerobic exercises, weight training, and just about everything else. In Muay Thai and Boxing classes we are strongly dedicated to proper technique, and have qualified instructors and assistants on staff every class to make sure that you are learning properly and safely.


We structure our pricing carefully, making sure that you get the most possible value for your money. We ensure that our pricing structure is less than or equal to any other reputable Muay Thai / martial arts schools or boot camps in the city.

We are dedicated to affordable pricing, not because we aren’t as or more credible, professional, and capable as any other Muay Thai club in the city, but because we truly believe in making the power of martial arts, and fitness in general, available to as many people as we can. We truly believe in the power of Muay Thai and physical fitness to change your life.