Beginner Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Mission: New students start here. Our mission is to get you ready for higher levels of Muay Thai and Cardio Kickboxing. This level works for all fitness levels and is the foundation for the rest of your Muay Thai training.


  • Parking available on-site or across the street
  • 13 Years or older
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We put all new students into our Beginner Muay Thai Classes unless you have significant experience, in which case it is still necessary to talk to the head instructor about your placement. Most new students attend at least 5 Р10 classes before being approved by the instructor to begin attending Fitness Muay Thai classes, and a minimum of 2 classes are required for Cardio Kickboxing.

The amount of Beginner Muay Thai classes required varies from person to person. If you have previous Muay Thai experience at another club, we generally ask that you attend at least one Beginner class so that we can assess where you are at and orient you to our club’s style and techniques.

Beginner Muay Thai will teach you proper striking and pad holding technique from the ground up. Classes are normally between 5 and 20 students, and you will get detailed instructor time, focused on building a solid foundation of Muay Thai technique. This will ensure that you are safe and comfortable when you move on to other classes, and that you get the maximum results from your training. You will get a great workout in Beginner Muay Thai, and building the proper foundation is crucial to your future training.

All Muay Thai students must have the mandatory equipment: boxing gloves, skipping rope, and shin pads. As a new student, you have two options:

1. Rental: Pay for a rental fee and use club equipment when you attend class.

2. Buy your equipment. We have several options for gloves and shin pads available at our online store.