Cardio Kickboxing

Mission: Our Cardio Kickboxing class is specifically designed for those wanting a non-contact workout that will leave you sweating, pumped, and ready to take on the world!


  • Age 13+
  • Instructor approval
  • Gloves, skipping rope - buy or lease

Why Do Cardio Kickboxing?

If you enjoy your workout the chances are high that you will continue to carve out time in your busy day to make room for "you". Take a chance, we know it's intimidating to go to a kickboxing class but we make it fun!

  • Our classes are some of the most affordable Winnipeg - nearly half the price of our box store competitors
  • We focus on having fun while pushing you so that you always feel challenged
  • New workouts every class led by an experienced instructor
  • HIIT, weights, pad work, punching bags, core and glute focus
    • cardio Kickboxing

      I have always struggled with insecurities and had body image issues. I always loved sports but was never good at any of them, and self motivation was a challenge for me. I joined Kwest 2 and a half years ago and it was the best decision of my life. The instructors there are so motivating, and the atmosphere is so positive and encouraging. I have made lifelong friends here and can't wait to go to every class. The classes are challenging and provide a full body intense workout that I was never able to achieve at any other gym before -- and its FUN.

      I look forward to going to Kwest almost everyday. They're like family there, and everyone is welcome.
      Thanks to Kwest I have confidence in myself and have come to realize what I am capable of. They have changed my life and I will never look back.