Our facility is big, open and clean. We have everything you need to train at a competitive level or for general fitness, including a boxing ring, Muay Thai heavy bags, mirrors, weights, and all other training pads and equipment necessary. Situated next to a park, our gym is based in the River Osborne Community Center, where our lease allows us a full class schedule at prime time slots, and also allows us to offer affordable training while we support our community.

We have a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment with qualified trainers and helpful staff. We are located in a safe and convenient area of town, right next to the popular Corydon strip and Confusion Corner, with access to many main bus routes and well-lit parking.


Kwest Kickboxing Muay Thai and Fitness Centre operates in a 5500 square foot open area gym, with over 1600 square feet of high-quality padded flooring. This is more open area room than any Muay Thai club in the city! Feel free to drop by the gym Monday through Friday between 5:00pm – 7:30pm to check out our classes and facility, and to meet our instructors and ask questions.


Our gym features amenities such as:

• Men’s and women’s change rooms, with showers
• Air conditioning
• Free and ample parking
• Air conditioning
• Heavy bags
• Floor boxing ring
• Thai pads, workout mats, weights, medicine balls, agility ladders, resistance bands, assorted heavy bags, mirrors, belly pads, focus mitts, a professional scale, a GPS tracking device for running, and much more.


Our equipment is sanitized every day with a natural and organic antibacterial cleaning product. Our cleaning standards are extremely high.

Our equipment is new, well maintained, and used only by our members. Floors are washed on a daily basis and our washrooms and shower stalls are kept clean 24 hours a day by the cleaning staff at the community center, as well as our own staff.