Fighting like a Girl

I would venture that most of you have probably noticed that we have a lot of female members at Kwest, probably a higher percentage than the average boxing or MuayThai club. We are very proud of the fact that our club is friendly and welcoming to all fitness levels, genders, etc. and this is something we wouldn’t change for the world.

When it comes to fighting, as with most sports, men tend to dominate the more public position. It’s pretty rare to switch on the tv and see female fighters, but much less so to happen across a male boxing match, or these days a male MMA bout. So this means that I have often had students ask me about female fighters. Do they exist? Who are some good fighters I could look up to? Who can I check out, even if I don’t want to fight, to get inspired as a female in MuayThai? Turns out there are some very good answers to those questions.

One of the best MuayThai fighters you could find is Germaine de Randamie. This fighter was a force in MuayThai for many years and now – for better or for worse, depending on your take on it – has recently transferred over to MMA. Below is a video of de Randamie fighting Angela Rivera-Parr (wife of MuayThai legend John Wayne Parr), as well as a look at de Randamie doing some training. Even online, female fights can be tough to find but if you do a little searching there is some great material out there. Look for Julie Kitchen, Claire Haigh, Julia Budd or Gina Carano (a good fighter, but if you google this one expect some of the other aspects of her “model/actress” resume to come up as well as fighting – a resume that apparently means Carano is the only one of these women who warrants a page on Wikipedia).

If you have a favourite female fighter, let us know and we’ll check her out!


  1. I always enjoyed watching Fight Girls.
    They had a quite a few extremely talented female fighters.

    -Ardra Hernandez
    -Dawn Boyd
    -Felice Herrig
    -Gina Reyes[
    -Kerry Vera
    -Jeanine Jackson
    -Jennifer Tate
    -Lisa Mills
    -Michelle Waterson
    -Miriam Nakamoto

    My personal favorite is Kerry Vera. If you ever get a chance be sure to check it out. The show follows their training, their weight cutting, the fights and all the hardships that comes with being a fighter.

    Here’s a highlight.

  2. Author

    Agreed – I only saw 2 episodes but wished I had caught more, and Kerry Vera was hands down my favourite of the group. I saw that fight and she was awesome.

  3. That final knock down (first video) happened so quickly, but it looked almost exactly like what Kelly was teaching us on Friday.

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