Fun Friday

Every week Friday comes around… and somehow every week it’s just as exciting as the last time. Cheers to Fridays!

Before you tip back a glass of your favourite beverage, it’s time to get one more workout for the week in. Fun Friday means we try to mix it up a little and do things we don’t normally try in a Level 1 class. This might be trying out a superman punch, learning how to throw an elbow or getting a little dizzy with the spinning back fist. We usually end the class with some free format – your chance to try out what you learned during the week in a less structured way.

Tonight Kru Kelly plans on making you think about him all weekend long by burning your abs with 15 minutes of hard work!

So while we certainly are all for celebrating the weekend in whatever way makes you happy let Fun Friday make you feel a little less guilty about the festivities! …We’ll worry about Stamina Monday later.

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