Funadmentals Level 1

Welcome to Muay Thai!

Fundamentals 1 is the first step all new students will take at our club. This class is geared towards learning Muay Thai and is essential for advancement into other classes. All new students will attend a minimum of one Fundamentals 1 class. The primary focus of this class will be to prepare you for our other classes so that you are safe and have an idea of what our system is about. This is a non-contact class and it will ensure that you have confidence to take on our faster paced and more technically advanced classes. Most people find this class to be a good workout however classes are structured with students ability and physical fitness level in mind.

A Typical Class Will Consist of:

  • A good warm up
  • A review of technique
  • Working with Thai pads
  • Learning our system

Lateness Policy
Due to the structure of these classes, which are partner-based and progressive learning, participants who arrive late to the Fundamentals classes will not be allowed to participate that day.

  • Parking available on-site or across the street
  • 13+ years of age