Get Started

Welcome to Kwest Muay Thai & Kickboxing!

We put all new students into our ‘Fundamentals 1′ classes unless you have significant experience, in which case it is still necessary to talk to the head instructor about your placement. Once you have completed your basic training you can integrate into our other classes safely and have more efficient workouts. Here are some of our class types.

  • Cardio Kickboxing (non-contact)
  • Muay Thai (light-contact)
  • 30 – 45min Kickboxing Circuit Training workouts
  • Boxing classes
  • Competitive Muay Thai
  • Kids classes – please contact us to arrange a class

    Try A Free Class

    • *Arrive at 5:00pm for your first class
    • Check  the schedule for “Fundamentals 1”  class times.
    • Previous experience? Give us a call, email, or drop by to discuss attending other classes
    • We’ll provide all equipment
    • Check out the Waiver you are required to sign.

    Mandatory Equipment

    If you purchase a membership you will require equipment. We CARRY all necessary equipment and offer competitive prices as well as  the option to lease equipment.

    Cardio Classses: 

    Boxing Gloves

    Muay Thai Classes:
    16oz Boxing Gloves
    Skipping Rope
    Shin Pads
    Mouth Guard


    • Showers
    • Tons of free parking
    • Fully equipped Muay Thai Gym
    • 1800 sq ft of padded flooring
    • 2500 sq ft of open gym area
    • Weights and accessories
    • Heavy bags

    Accepted Methods Of Payment

    • On premises we accept debit tap, cash, cheque, credit card (2.75%). For the “one payment” option please *e-transfer to
    • Auto Withdrawal available for Yearly memberships

    Other Programs & Details

    Class times, Memberships, and Drop-ins
    In addition to Muay Thai, we offer Boxing, Boot Camp, and Kids Muay Thai programs. Choose a program and membership. that works for you, or try a drop-in class in any program before you commit.

    Check Mandatory Equipment

    Make sure you check the program description for mandatory equipment requirements. You will need to purchase your equipment before or on your first day of class. If you're doing a drop-in first before starting a membership, don't worry about equipment – we'll provide that for you!

    Register and Start Right Away

    Once you've decided on a program and membership (or drop-in), make your payment on-site with cash, cheque, or credit card, or debit tap ($100 limit). You can also purchase a membership using e-transfer, the details are shown above under 'Accepted Methods of Payment'. Your membership will start on the first day you attend so check the schedule, and come out to class!