Muay Thai 1.5

Mission: To teach students Muay Thai through light controlled contact drills and play sparring (sparring is optional).


  • Age 14 years or older
  • 3+ months in Muay Thai 1 and Instructor approval
  • 16oz sparring gloves, rope, shin pads *mouth guard
  • Equipment safety check by instructor before attending

People love light contact once they have tasted it. This class is about practicing on a live target, using control and very light power. Students will learn how to spar and clinch at a play level. It’s a incredible workout and it fuels the mind and passion in your training. You’ll work 1-on-1 with multiple partners getting a feel for real self defense while growing your self confidence and interest in Muay Thai.

Once you’ve taken this class for awhile you are ready to go to the next level of training at our club which is Muay Thai 2. That being said you can stay in this level and Muay Thai 1 as long as you want with no pressure to move up or compete.