We have Kick-Fit 55 min and 35 minute classes. You will punch, kick, lift, smash, and burn calories on your way to a stronger and fitter you! Classes will be centered around heavy bag drills in conjunction with weights, skipping routines and a multitude of other effective ways to get you in shape. Whether you want to achieve fitness goals or fighting skills this class has something for everyone!


  • Instructor approval
  • Previous experience? Give us a call, email, DM, or drop by our location to discuss how to get started

Mandatory Equipment

  • Boxing gloves
  • Skipping rope


  • Showers
  • Tons of free parking
  • Fully equipped Muay Thai Gym
  • 1800 sq ft of padded flooring
  • 2500 sq ft of open gym area
  • Weights and accessories
  • Heavy bags