Kick-Fit 2.0

Born out of our fan-favourite, signature Kick-fit class, comes our improved Kick-Fit 2.0 class for all shapes, ages and fitness levels. The main goal in this non-contact class is to have fun, fun, fun while sculpting and strengthening your body! Pad & bag work, weight training, skipping, running and HIIT are just a few things that will make you sweat! Looking to lose weight or get that beach body? Many of our students have seen significant results in only 12 short weeks.
But Kick-Fit is more than that! Cross-training athletes from hockey to soccer and football players to CrossFit competitors have taken this class in past years to help them achieve better results in their sport of choice.

Come and kick summer into high gear with us!


  • Fundamentals 1
  • Previous experience? Give us a call, email, DM to get started

Mandatory Equipment

  • Boxing gloves
  • Skipping rope


  • Showers
  • Tons of free parking
  • Fully equipped Muay Thai Gym
  • 1800 sq ft of padded flooring
  • 2500 sq ft of open gym area
  • Weights and accessories
  • Heavy bags