Kick-Fit Boot Camp

Free Boxing Gloves ⋅ Limited Seating ⋅ September 17

It’s personal training Muay Thai style! A very unique and fun way to get in shape! Work with a trainer 1x per week for 8 weeks and attend any other 3 classes on our schedule. Some restrictions/prerequisites apply when choosing your classes but don’t worry we’ll guide you down the right path in that decision making process.

The Saturday class is “your” day with a personal trainer. Here you will punch, kick, lift, smash, and burn calories on your way to a stronger and fitter you! Time will fly by in your 45 minute workout and before you know it you’re done! No partner is required for Saturdays and during your time with the trainer we can help you with whatever goal you want to achieve whether it be fitness or fighting!

  • Free Gloves
  • 8 weeks
  • Personal training 1x per week
  • 4 classes per week
  • Full body workout designed around your goals
  • No partner required

Price & Schedule


  • Must attend 2 classes at the ‘Beginner  1’  level
  • Previous experience? Give us a call, email, DM, or drop by our location to discuss how to get started

Mandatory Equipment


  • Showers
  • Tons of free parking
  • Fully equipped Muay Thai Gym
  • 1800 sq ft of padded flooring
  • 2500 sq ft of open gym area
  • Weights and accessories
  • Heavy bags