Kids Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Welcome to the Kwest Kids page!

This program runs 9 months of the year for kids ages 6 – 13 years of age. We have affordable pricing and an enthusiastic training staff. Our primary goals are to help foster leadership and skills, at the same time get your child in good physical condition while learning practical methods of self defense. All students will participate in the same classroom but the group will be broken up for some drills based on size, skill, and age. 2 – 5 instructors will be present at all times to help students learn and grow. We would love to have your child experience our program!

Kids Level 1

This level is based in Muay Thai fundamentals and self defense.

Monday & Wednesday
6:25pm – 7:10pm
Ages 6 – 13
Equipment: Sparring Gloves, Shin pads, Mouth Guard, Club uniform (T-shirt)

Kids Level 2

This class is for advanced students interested in learning all aspects of Muay Thai. Things such as pad work, light sparring, clinching, repetition on techniques, bag work, and line drills will be conducted. Students in this level require testing before entry and a more serious approach to training. Things such as being on time, working hard, respect, and being a team player are a requirement.

11:15am (45 – 60 min)
Ages 10 – 13 (some 9 year old kids may be admitted depending on size and ability to follow direction)

Sparring Gloves / Mouth Guard / Shin Pads / Head Gear / Knee Pads / Groin protector / Club Shorts & T-shirt


Pricing does not include GST or 2.9% service fee for Credit Card transactions.

    • 3 months – $240 (limited availability)
    • 9 Month membership – $650.00 (auto Withdrawal available)
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    Session Dates

    Session 1 –  September 17 – December 12
    Session 2 –  January  7  –  March 27
    Session 3 –  April 1 – June 22
    *Please note that we are closed for  Holiday’s including the weekend classes. Students are given time on their memberships for closures.


    • Ages 6 – 13
    • Students are not officially accepted into the program until the waiver and questionnaire are filled out