Kids – Muay Thai Firebacks
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Classes start September 8, 2020


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Welcome to the Kwest Kids Muay Thai & Kickboxing page!

We teach Muay Thai & Kickboxing and the Siamese Fireback is our kids team symbol. The Siamese Fireback, a proud and beautiful bird, is the national bird of Thailand. To us it represents the power and beauty of Muay Thai and the freedom flight – which is why we have designed our brand around it. 

We offer programming for kids and young adults ages 5 – 17 years. We offer affordable pricing and an enthusiastic training staff. Our primary goals are to help foster leadership and skills, and at the same time get your child in good physical condition while learning practical methods of self defense. 2 – 5 instructors will be present at all times to help students learn and grow. We would love to have your child experience our program!

The minimum and maximum age for each group is a guidelinesome kids will need to be placed based on other factors such as size. For example if your child is 6 years old and his/her physical size is much larger than an average 6 year old, we will recommend that he/she attends the 6 – 9 year old classes versus the 4 – 6 year old classes. Each child’s placement is considered after an initial consultation with you and individual circumstances.

  • 4yr – 5yr
  • 6yr – 9yr
  • 10yr – 13yr
  • 13yr – 17yr

Students age 13+ will be considered for our Adult Fundamentals Classes. Fundamentals 1 and 2 classes run 4 days a week (see schedule). They will train in these classes and be brought up through the mentorship of our staff until they have acquired the skills to safely participate in the adult classes. We also allow parents or guardians to work in the adult classes with the young adult.

Mandatory Equipment

    Our front line staff will be happy to help you find the right fit for your child. We carry everything from budget-friendly to top-of-the line equipment!

    • Gloves, Shin Pads, Mouth Guard
    • Club T-shirt & Shorts
    • Competitive Team will require extra equipment. Sparring gloves, headgear, groin protector.

    Pricing Page

    Covid Policies

    1. Booking System
      All students will book classes through an app. This system will be available on or before August 26th. More information will be posted on our website and current clients will receive an email notifying them when the system is ready for download from the App or Play store.
    2. Schedule
      Consider the newly posted schedule as the first draft which could be modified over time to deal with all the changing and moving parts of the ongoing situation in our industry .
    3. Masks
      Masks will be mandatory in the hallways and change rooms. If you don’t have a mask when you arrive you will be able to purchase one from our staff for $1. Masks are optional within the gym area and while working out.
    4. No Spectators – *Updated August 25/20
      No spectators will be allowed in the gym, with the exception of parents (kids class) who will be able to go into the gym provided they wear a mask and provided we do not breech our occupancy limit.
    5. Time Between Classes
      We are increasing the time between classes to 10 minutes to allow for the safe exit and entry into the gym. We will also have procedures in place to move two groups in and out with minimal interaction.
    6. Separate Training Rooms
      We are moving some classes to the multi purpose room. Students will be able to book classes through the mobile app for their specific class. This measure will reduce class sizes and interaction between groups.
    7. Screening
      We are also looking at ways to incorporate screening questions into the new mobile application. Most businesses are not actively asking screening questions now but our front desk will ask if each participant is experiencing any issues associated with the list.

    We are hoping these policies show our respect to our patrons safety and well being. We are extremely happy and grateful for all the support you have given us and the opportunity to train in the sport we love, once again.