Let the music move you

It’s been said many times that most people march to the beat of their own drum – it can probably also be said that most people work out to the beat of their own music. Music is such a personal thing that in a large group setting like our club, it can be daunting to try to please everyone.

So on that note, we’d like to get some input from you. We have a pretty good idea of what DOESN’T fly (sorry death-metal fans, but majority is pretty clear on that one) but we’d like a little more input on what you DO want to hear.

So consider this your chance to play dj – bring us a disc or a USB drive, send us a file, an email or a link. Let us know what we can play that would make you run faster, squat lower, jump higher and hit harder and we’ll be happy to get it on our playlist and into your ears while you’re working out.

And as for tonight, we’re looking at 15 minutes of weights tonight for warm up, so come down for a great arm/shoulder/back workout!

Disclaimer: Bring us one song or 20, just try to keep profanity to a minimum and please don’t bring us anything that is offensive to specific races, religions, gender, etc. – we won’t play it. Everything else is fair game and we will try to add something from everyone’s lists to our playlist.


  1. Hey guys, I love to hear the Pride or UFC intro theme music before or during class, that would pump up ! Thanks !

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