Muay Thai 2

Mission: To teach self defense and skills necessary to be a competitor in Muay Thai.


  • Age 14+
  • Must be approved by instructor to attend
  • 16oz sparring gloves, 10oz boxing gloves, rope, shin pads, knee pads, mouth guard, club T-shirt and shorts

Here we delve into the tradition and art of Muay Thai. Students learn through: strategic drills and technical repetition, offensive and defensive drills, bag work, pad work, clinching, and sparring. Training is geared toward a competitive mindset however, competing is not mandatory in order to train in this class.

Muay Thai 2 students have the opportunity to train and test for levels of prajioud (armbands), a system developed in conjunction with The Muaythai Institute, Kwest's affiliate in Bangkok, Thailand.