Fitness Muay Thai – (FMT)

Mission: To get you in shape using Muay Thai basics and other conditioning methods in a fun, inclusive class environment.

Fitness Muay Thai (FMT) is our conditioning-focused Muay Thai class. FMT classes are fast-paced, high energy, and super popular. You’ll see why as soon as you try one out!

Classes are structured and led by an experienced instructor, and are carefully designed to get you into great shape using technically-sound Muay Thai. You’ll continue to improve your Muay Thai skills, while improving cardio, strength, flexibility, and more. In this class, we supplement Muay Thai technique with weight training, ab/glute/leg toning, and much more. You will see the dedication we have to making this class challenging both mentally and physically. Learn Muay Thai while having the best time you’ve ever had working out.


Intermediate Muay Thai – (IMT)

Mission: To teach self defense and skills necessary to be a competitor in Muay Thai.

Intermediate Muay Thai (IMT) is where we delve into the tradition and art of Muay Thai. Students learn through strategic drills and technical training, offensive and defensive drills, bag work, pad work, and clinching. Training is geared toward a competitive mindset; however, competing is not mandatory in order to train in this class.

IMT students have the opportunity to train and test for levels of prajioud (armbands), a system developed in conjunction with The Muaythai Institute, Kwest’s affiliate in Bangkok, Thailand.


Competitive Muay Thai – (CMT)

Mission: To prepare athletes for competition.

Our Competitive/Fight Team training is reserved for aspiring fighters, and experienced students who assist the Fight Team by training with the fighters. In order to train as part of the Fight Team, students need to express an interest in either competing or assisting the Fight Team in competition preparation. You will meet with the head teacher to discuss participation prior to training with the Fight Team.