Rumble at the R.O.C.C. photos – Jamie Maiers

As promised, we are excited to have some amazing photos of our event earlier this month – Rumble at the R.O.C.C. –  to share with you. Many thanks go to Kwest student and talented photographer Colin Epp, whom you may have seen wandering around the event with a big leg brace and an even bigger camera lens. We look forward to seeing Colin in class again when his leg heals up, but for now we are grateful to have his gorgeous photos to post here for your viewing pleasure!

Since there are so many great shots, we are going to be posting them over a period of time, with one post dedicated to each of our fighters. First up is Jamie Maiers, a young fighter relatively new to Kwest and MauyThai in general. Jamie showed an unparalled dedication to training over the past six months and during Fight Camp in particular, absorbing a huge amount of information and technique that was almost all completely new to him. A winner by unanimous decision, Jamie’s hard work paid off as he dominated in the clinch, overpowered in punching and not once, but twice, caused a near knock out with two great head kicks. This was an exhibition match and we look forward to an amateur bout in the future – he’s definitely shown he has the work ethic and ability to make it happen.

Congratulations, Jamie!

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