Regular Schedule

Schedule For December

Beginner 1
To teach pad holding skills and fundamentals of Muay Thai 
Contact level: Non-Contact
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: Gloves, Rope, Shin Pads

Beginner 2
Mission: To teach Beginners the basics of padded light contact in fun and safe way
Contact level: Very light 
Prerequisites: 3 or more Beginner 1 classes
Equipment: Gloves, Rope, Shin Pads

Cardio Kickboxing
Mission: This class is specifically designed for those wanting a non-contact workout that will leave you sweating, pumped, and ready to take on the world!
Contact level: Non-Contact
Prerequisites: 2 or more classes in Beginner 1
Equipment: Gloves, Rope

Muay Thai 1
Mission: To get you in shape using Muay Thai basics while further teaching you Muay Thai fundamentals
Contact level: Very light 
Prerequisites: Combination of Beginner 1 & 2 experience and approval from instructor 
Equipment: Gloves, Rope, Shin Pads, Mouth Guard

Muay Thai 1.5
Mission:  To teach students how to use contact in a fun, controlled, and safe manner. Sparring is conducted in this class. 
Contact level: Light contact
Prerequisites: 3+ months in Muay Thai 1 and Instructor approval. Equipment approval by instructor. 
Equipment: 16oz Sparring gloves, Mouth Guard, Rope, Shin Pads

Muay Thai 2
Mission:  To teach self defense and skills necessary to be a competitor in Muay Thai.
Contact level: All levels
Prerequisites: Must be approved by instructor to attend
Equipment: 16oz Sparring gloves, 10oz gloves, Mouth Guard, Rope, Shin Pads, Knee pads