Twas the Monday before Christmas

It’s hard to believe, but today is officially the last Stamina Monday before Christmas! Now let’s be honest, we’re all about to over-induldge in a little holiday cheer, so it might be a good idea to ease the conscience a little by burning some serious calories tonight. Grant is teaching and while he has not divulged any specifics, he’s promised us a good one, so consider this your chance to feel a little less guilty come the weekend. We’re going to follow up tonight’s class with a full week of pre-Christmas intensity you don’t want to miss and we want to get YOUR input – if you have any favourite hard-core Kwest style calorie-burners that you’d like to see this week, leave them in the comments below or on Facebook and we’ll usher you into the New Year, MuayThai style.


  1. I’ve been over-indulging for the last two weeks, so I should be prepped for this weekend. That’s how it works, right? This doesn’t mean you should make me work harder in class or anything.

  2. Just what I needed. No particular requests at the moment, just keep the intensity up, keep mixing it up. Great class! I don’t feel quite so bad about drinking all that eggnog now…

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